Fellowship Hall Rental

Fellowship Hall Rental

Emmanuel has a wonderful Fellowship Hall that is available for Rental.

Here are some Sample Floor Plan Arrangements [Click on the plan to see how tables can be arranged; YOU DO YOUR OWN SET-UP]

            Plan 1    21 Tables - 30" x 96" spaced 6'0" on center, 8 seats per table = 168 Seats

            Plan 2    16 Tables - 30" x 96" spaced 6'0" on center, 8 seats per table = 128 Seats or 64 Seats for Classroom Function

            Plan 3    14-18 60" round tables, spaced 6'8" on center, 7 seats per table = 98 - 126 Seats



EMMANUEL LUTHERAN CHURCH,  34567 Seven Mile Road, Livonia, MI 48152; (248)442-8822

Reservations for the use of the kitchen and fellowship hall or any other rooms in the church will be on a 'first-come-first-serve-basis. '

(In emergencies (funerals) when usage of the facilities are requested at short notice, the first reservation will be honored. Alternative suggestions would be: CorsI's, 27910 Seven Mile, Livonia; The Finnish Center on Eight Mile, or another church. A small reception can be held in your home, and we will attempt to secure donations of food from members of the congregation.)

1. Church facilities are available to non-members as a ministry to the community. Non-members can call the church office during regular business hours (M-F 10-5) to see if requested date is available. If affirmative, then building users must fill out the attached "Request Form." Non-members must also meet with someone from Office Staff who will do a "Building Orientation."

2. The following points will be evaluated regarding the request:

    a. The guidance of scripture relative to the philosophy and function of the group;

    b. The nature of the group and community perception of its purpose and positions;

    c. Previous use by the person or group.

3. Users must arrange their own set-up (tables, chairs, etc) and take down and put items back the way they found them after use. Users are also responsible for general custodial jobs (cleaning kitchen after use, sweeping floors, and mopping if necessary).

     3a. If you use the sanctuary, please make proper arrangements to know how furniture is to be left. If you can not leave it the way you found it, a fee will be imposed.

4. The kitchen, kitchen utensils, or parts thereof, may be made available through the office.

     4a. You must bring your own towels, beverages, food, paper goods and table coverings for your event.

     4b. You must remove all food from refrigerator, bag your own garbage and take it with you.

5. All church equipment is confined to church property.

6. No use of alcoholic beverages or smoking shall be permitted.

7. Users must assume all responsibility for damages to building, furnishings, fixtures, or any other damage to church property.

8. A certificate of liability insurance will be provided by the user if requested by the council.

9. All persons, including outside caterers, must comply with Livonia Fire Rules and Regulations.

10. Any request for use of church musical equipment will be considered and approved by the Music Director. Any request for electronic equipment or other items will be considered by the office.

11. Usage fees will be: (These fees may be altered without notice.)

    (1) Fellowship hall/Kitchen: $100.00 for first hour then $50.00 for 2nd hour and $25.00 for every hour after that, plus Building Monitor fee of $15.00 per hour.

    (2) Sanctuary: For a meeting, $50.00 per hour plus charges below that apply:

        --Projection - $50.00 for 2 hours (if 4 hours it is $100.00)                --Building Monitor - $15.00 per hour

    (3) Sanctuary: For a wedding, $100.00 deposit fee; $150.00 for 4 hours for Sanctuary, Preschool and Conference Room for dressing

    (4) Funeral: $150.00 includes use of projection

    (5) Other rooms: All other rooms require a deposit of $50.00 plus Building Monitor of $15.00 per hour.

     There is a $25.00 Holding Fee which will be kept in the church office along with your Request Form. This Fee will hold your requested date and be returned if you leave the area set up the way you found it and clean. If our custodian needs to do any extra cleaning or set up following your event, you will be charged an additional fee up to $50.00.

12. All fees will be paid in advance.                    

                Click here to download this policy for your records.